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From: Benoit St-André (ben_at_benoitst-andre.net)
Date: Thu 31 Jul 2003 - 18:06:51 BST


Being a non-expert, I can tell you what we did in our scolar counsil for
our schools

We currently have one machine which is a PIII800 with 35 vservers on it.
They all have private IP, one has a public IP and does proxy-pass for
the others which releaves us the need for that much public ip's...

We have one of those vservers which does https (proxy pass for the
others), and the other one are all for school web hosting, each school
can have its own world for its web site with php/mysql and more.

This machine gets about 1 500 000 hits a week, and 22 of the 35 vservers
are in fact really used (the others are on but are not visited yet). The
machine is running good, no performance problem.

Benoit St-André <ben_at_benoitst-andre.net>
Commission scolaire des Affluents

Le jeu 31/07/2003 à 05:23, Girts a écrit : > Hi! > > I would like to get some advice for using VServer for web hosting > purposes. Currently we are running many (50+) virtual sites on one host. > We run Apache on Debian and the services provided are CGI, PHP4, MySQL. > Everything works well but from time to time there are some problems with > somebody who gets too much traffic or writes a very inefficient scripts. > That brings the server to crawl. > > Therefore we are looking for some way to make sure the server usage is > fairly distributed between the users and nobody can take up all the > resources. This is how I found VServer. I would like to ask some > questions that I didn't find the answer for: > > 1) How many virtual servers can we run on one box (let's say dual > PIII-800, 1.5 GB)? Each vserver would run apache+php, proftpd, sshd, mysqld. > > 2) Is the "fair" scheduler implemented? The FAQ seems to say so. > > 3) What are other things we should consider? > > 4) Is VServer suited for this kind of thing? Are there any alternatives? > I kind of don't like the idea of 50 ip addreses on one host, but if it > is the only way to go, then - why not. > > > Thanks in advance. > > Best regards, > Girts

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