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From: Martin List-Petersen (martin_at_list-petersen.se)
Date: Mon 18 Aug 2003 - 15:58:44 BST

Citat Paul Sladen <vserver_at_paul.sladen.org>:

> On Sun, 17 Aug 2003, Baptiste SIMON wrote:
> > I'd like to take a look at IPv6 possibilities w/ vservers.
> Probably about time somebody did: :-)
> http://www.paul.sladen.org/vserver/faq/#ipv6
> In other news I remember having a conversation with somebody [off-list?]
> about why their daemon wasn't behaving as expected. It turned out that if
> IPv6 was enabled at compile time, the bind() procedure end up binding to
> all IPv4 *and* IPv6 addresses--rather than just the IPv4 ones that it should
> have been chbind() restricted to.
> So in a sense, the two are actually more interlocked that I thought.

We had a chat about that at Debconf. The thing is that as soon as you enable
ipv6 (in kernel or as module) some daemons (namely Exim, Courier-IMAP/POP3 etc.)
bind * at ipv6 level (also ipv4 ports) and thereby go past the security

That way they bind the port on all ip's (also ipv4 ones).

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