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From: Erik S. LaBianca (erik_at_quonic.com)
Date: Tue 26 Aug 2003 - 22:31:53 BST

I tried to use newvserver and install-rh9.0 and neither of them worked
out of the box on my redhat 9.0 system using 2.4.21-smpctx17a. vserver
build worked fine, but made a way bigger image than I wanted on my dev

I didn't like the idea of using rpm --nodeps in the install-rh9.0
script, so I just stripped our the complicated rpm bits and used yum
instead. It works like a charm, with proper dependency resolution and
everything. The script only installs dependencies necessary to run rpm
inside the vserver, but you can just use yum to shoot in whatever else
you want (httpd)

Yum also supports a groups file, so you could use it to install a
certain set of rpms. I obviously haven't done this yet.

If you're not familiar with yum, you can get it at

I haven't tried this script on anything but redhat 9.0, but judging by
the looks of the other install scripts, probably just adding some tests
re: mounting /dev/pts would make it work.

Seems like it might be a useful addition to the distribution.

Heres the script:

# This script creates a vserver from the currently
# available set of yum repositories
# Specify the name of the vserver
# "install-yum test" will create /vservers/test

if [ $# -lt 1 ] ; then
         echo install-yum vserver-id
elif [ -d /vservers/$1/var/lib/rpm ] ; then
         echo /vservers/$1 already exist
         $USR_LIB_VSERVER/install-pre.sh $1
         mkdir -p $VROOT/proc
         mount -t proc none $VROOT/proc
         mount -t devpts none $VROOT/dev/pts
         mkdir -p $VROOT/var/lib/rpm
         rpm --root $VROOT --initdb
         yum --installroot=$VROOT install rpm
         umount $VROOT/proc
         umount $VROOT/dev/pts
         $USR_LIB_VSERVER/install-post.sh $1

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