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From: desman_at_gmx.de
Date: Wed 27 Aug 2003 - 07:45:50 BST


i searched via google many minuets in this howto and the mailing list and
all other i found.

The "fakeinit" S_FLAGS="lock nproc fakeinit" is not working at me

vanilla linux 2.4.21, ctx17a, vserver-0.23

And sshd is starting fine, like all other deamons but it`s not restarted at
reboot of the vserver context.

And thats my Problem.

And this is nowhere discribed what i found.


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Subject: Re: [vserver] How to get suse 8.2 to work ?

desman_at_gmx.de wrote:
> hi,
> what means => Have you remembered "fakeinit" in the config for the
> if havent set any fakeinit directives.

you can add 'fakeinit' to the S_FLAGS parameter of your
/etc/vserver/<server>.conf file. This will fake an init process and
makes the SuSE-startup scripts work.

What I usually do is to start up the vserver without fakeinit, delete
alle unwanted startup scripts with insserv -r, then exit, stop the
vserver and restart it with fakeinit. Should run then.
> Yast runlevel should start at least sshd in level 2/3/5 but it doesn`t.
sshd is another thing. Edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config so that ListenAddress
is not set to but to the IP-Adress you use for your respective
server. Gotta do this in the host-server too. Else you won't be able to
run all those sshd in your lot of vservers.

But all this can be read in the vserver documentation and FAQ on
http://www.solucorp.qc.ca/howto.hc. Sorry to RTFM you :)

Mike Fischer

<yeah gotta get me a sig any day now, I know...>

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