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From: Herbert P÷tzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Wed 27 Aug 2003 - 12:43:19 BST

On Wed, Aug 27, 2003 at 09:07:52AM +1000, Lucian Daniel Kafka wrote:
> At 05:29 PM 26/08/2003 +0200, you wrote:
> >> Herbert, I guess I am after some assurance that if we start using
> >> vservers in our hosting environment, the servers won't crash,
> >> lock, or do anything unexpected.
> >
> >can't never ever give you this kind of assurance ;)
> >everything over 10-20 lines of code, can't be proven
> >logically correct, so this is wishful thinking ...
> I know - been coding for about 20 years now...
> But you know what I mean...
> "good enough" :)

well, "good enough" ... 8-)

> >> Also, I have trailed today the 22-ctx17a + vserver23 and it didn't
> >> really worked.
> >
> >guess you experienced some of the changes and/or features
> >introduced recently ... but they are mere cosmetic warnings
> >and/or kernel misbehaviour not vserver problems ...
> >
> >the chrootsafe() message is a compatibility fallback, because
> >the author decided to publish tools (0.23) which use/provide
> >some features, not (yet) supported by the patches ...
> >
> >and if you've seen ulimit() messages, those are the result
> >of recent changes in kernel behaviour, but there is a fix
> >available ...
> Is this to be released as a new ctx version? Can I suggest you have a link
> on the front page to the latest "stable" version, otherwise picking up a
> patch is just a guess in the dark without knowing that is has been tested,
> etc.

there will be some rearrangement in the pages soon ...
until then, you'll have to guess, search or simply ask ;)

(newest stable kernel release patch)

(fix for the ulimit 'problem')

you'll have to live with the chrootsafe() message for now,
but if you want, you can remove it from the tools ...


> Kind regards,
> Lucian Kafka
> www.conexim.com.au

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