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From: Jon Bendtsen (jon+vserver_at_silicide.dk)
Date: Sun 31 Aug 2003 - 10:33:33 BST

Petar wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've been subscribed for a while but not following the list conversation to closely.
> Is their an 'Idiots guide to setting up vserver' that a novice can follow without
> to much trouble?

not what i know of, but it really isnt that hard.
Have you read the homepage?

> I have an old box running the (apparently ) dead VSD product with a dozen of
> so vs installed and I would like to retire that machine and move to something
> that is supported by the community.
> I have a new RH8.0 box that I would like to run vserver on with RH 7/8 images?
> Any help would be appreciated including pointers to FAQ's or other writing
> that may have been contributed about this type of request.

well, get redhat installed. Then get the vserver kernel. Either by
compiling yourself, or by installing
then install these packages

the last one contains a newserver command that will create a copy of
your "root" server, så dont install too much stuff there.
Or if you want to play with debian, either get the images suggested in
this thread, or use


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