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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Wed 01 Oct 2003 - 20:19:23 BST

Hi Charles!

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 11:39:55AM -0400, Charles Shapiro wrote:
> Hey man. We're using VServer in my shop to develop & debug software
> designed to run on a single-purpose PC. You can read about us at
> http://nubridges.com. I'm Charles Shapiro, a programmer here in
> beautiful Atlanta, Georgia.

hmm information exchange, sounds interesting ...

> In the process of making a VServer box which a bunch of developers can
> use, I've written a some scripts and some crude documentation. They're
> designed to help manage virtual servers from a "vsmaker" account on the
> parent box. You can, of course, call the management account whatever you
> want and restrict access to it in whatever way you deem best. I have
> perl and bash scripts which you can name in /etc/sudoers(5) to:
> * Create a new virtual server (also managing IP addresses and fake MAC
> addresses which can be picked up by your application)
> * Remove a virtual server
> * Determine what virtual servers are running on the 'vserver server'
> * Determine what virtual servers are built
> * Move files between virtual servers and between virtual servers and the
> parent machine.

sounds good, did something like that some time ago,
but unfortunately under a closed source license
(something I regret now :(), certainly the vserver
project could/will benefit from such scripts/tools

> My boss says I can contribute this software back to the project.
> How should I go about this?

tell your boss, that's an excellent idea, I wish
more 'management' people would see the benefit in
open/shared development ...

> I have webspace available if the easiest way is to tarball it
> and publish it, but if there's some more formal way I'm
> happy to try that instead.

easy sounds good, basically I would suggest the following:

 - make it available on the web (on one place)
 - write some words about it on the mailing list
 - try to answer questions/improve docu & code according
   to the feedback ...

I will link to your code/docu in the next month and,
if it is/becomes a central part of vserver development,
we will move the stuff to our central server ...


> -- CHS

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