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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Fri 03 Oct 2003 - 15:48:02 BST

On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 03:08:59PM +0200, Martin List-Petersen wrote:
> Citat Paul Sladen <vserver_at_paul.sladen.org>:
> > On Fri, 3 Oct 2003, Dariush Pietrzak wrote:
> > > 1) when will old list be deprecated, and most stuff moves to new one?

1) when we decide that the new mailing list works
   as expected (meaning better than the old one)
2) the majority wants to move to the new list ;)

> > When a clear, central location is established for the future of this
> > project a new list can be created.

mesa don't like central location ;)

> > Until that time, you may wish to stick with this
> > one since then there is no confusion.
> >
> > (No hard feeling to Martin--there are many times when I could have setup an
> > alternate list and I choose not to).

instead, again many thanks ;)

> A central place (or domain) is of course needed, but why reimplement the whole
> infrastructure for just one (or two) mailinglists (virus-scanner, probably has
> to be paid for, spamfilter and mailinglist-software, evt. mta).
> I think more important would be to find an environment for development and
> documentation, but not having to focus on maintainance and use of ressources of
> trivial things like the mailinglist.
> Where it's hosted in the last end doesn't matter as long as the delay for the
> mails disappear.

totally agreed on that!

1) I don't want to do everything myself, after all
   it's a community (at least for me)
2) I don't want to reinvent the wheel ...
3) I consider distributed and separated services
   the spirit of vservers, and I don't think that
   we have to have everything on one machine ...


> Just my 0.02$
> Regards,
> Martin List-Petersen
> martin at list-petersen dot se

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