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From: java developer (javadev2002_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Sat 04 Oct 2003 - 22:20:22 BST


_maybe_ could you be interested by the following deal

hosting of the vserver project (within a vserver) in
exchange to support configuring this vserver.

Let me know
This is a serious offer

--- Herbert Poetzl <herbert_at_13thfloor.at> wrote:
> Dear VServer Community!
> Friday Jack joined the IRC channel and we heard
> about how the vserver idea was born, and how he
> coded the first virtual server patch in one night
> ...
> (more details on that later)
> Jack will continue on vserver development, whenever
> he feels about doing so, and I guess this will be
> valuable help, but passed the project leadership to
> me, because he thinks that this project needs more
> attention than he is willing/could pay ...
> As I see this as a community project, I'll try to
> favor community decisions where possible, in form
> of opinion polls, and where a development decision
> is required, we'll find some consensus between all
> (major) developers ...
> We also agreed that we need a good project site,
> and had a short opinion poll, what the name should
> be ...
> linux-vserver.{org,net,com}
> Jack already reserved linux-vserver.org and will
> try to reserve the .com and .net too, because we
> have plans for those domains ...
> (again, more on that later)
> the 'new' project start should be finished with
> end of this month, so don't expect everything to
> work for now ...
> but be prepared, new releases are on their way ...
> enjoy,
> Herbert

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