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From: ccooke_at_globalvision.com
Date: Mon 13 Oct 2003 - 12:19:57 BST

On Fri, Oct 10, 2003 at 10:58:59AM -0500, Darryl Engle wrote:
> I would think so, I know nothing of running a list server but spam and
> viruses I do. Mailscanner is cheap (read free) and efficient up to several
> thousand e-mails a day. It needs a virus engine, I use f-prot, f-prot would
> most likely be free since it would be used for noncommercial use. And add
> Spammassin to it and you would have every thing you need. BUT there has to
> be an easier way to it like allow only registered users or something to that
> effect. I personal don't get any spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail) from
> the list as I have the above configured for a gateway for my corporate
> e-mail server. I would be willing to help in anyway.

I'm using exim(4)+exiscan-acl, which is about as easy as virus scanning can
ever be. It required about five lines of config change in exim, all of which
are completely transparent. Plus, it denies mail at the DATA step, which
reduces use of my disks, processor, memory, time... and it will never send
a bounce itself. (Bounces can still be generated, if the virus has passed
through a relay - but most email viruses these days talk to the server

Spamassassin is easy too - it's set up as a transport filter, so that was one
line in the config.

I really like that setup...

Charles Cooke, Sysadmin

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