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From: Ian Douglas (id_at_w98.us)
Date: Thu 30 Oct 2003 - 17:33:20 GMT

I searched the site's documentation and found the multi-page "this is what it's
capable of" documentation, but didn't see any offhand that answered the
following questions. I sent them to Jacques, but I'd like to pose it to the list
in general for the 1.0 release so I can get started on vserver in the coming

Hi Jacques,

I've been daydreaming about a vserver setup for my system.

A few things that perhaps would be handy to have in the FAQ:

- what OS works 'best'? Kernel version is obviously important, but it would be neat to see some sort of volunteered information from various users as to the OS and version of that OS, that they have the most success with

- how does one get started? is it best to start with a totally fresh machine and build from there, or could I start from a medium-sized virtual hosting setup using Linuxconf and build a vserver and go from there? I guess I'm looking for guidance on what should/should not get copied over when building the first vserver - once I build the first one, I can just use the vserver software to duplicate it, but I'm worried about disk space and how to actually mount/share file system areas...

- any patched versions of up2date out there? or would I have to tell up2date to save a copy of the RPM's on the disk somewhere and run the vserver rpm utility to patch all vservers? If I have 100 vservers, is there a quicker way to tell it to patch all vservers, or would I have to literally type "rpm server1 server2 server3 ... server99 server100 -Uvh *rpm" ?


Thanks for any additional feedback. -id

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