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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Sat 01 Nov 2003 - 20:07:08 GMT

Hi Community!

the first linux-vserver stable release (1.0)
is available at


you can download all-in-one patches for 2.4.20/21/22
as well as tar archives of the splitups ...

vserver-0.23/24 tools work with this release as well
as the util-vserver-0.23.96 and later ...

jack will hopefully release some up-to-date tools
soon (he promised, but if not I'll do so ;)

it should be quite simple to replace any ctx17/a/b/c
and c17/c17a/c17e/c17f release with those patches,
so I will not support them any longer ...

this release includes the following:

 - Immutable Linkage Invert
 - the context stuff (chcontext)
 - the network stuff (chbind)
 - process/scheduler flags
 - the quota capability

it doesn't include:

 - chrootsafe()
 - signal context
 - context tagging
 - per context quota
 - per context disk limits
 - per context memory limits
 - fake meminfo
 - per context uptime
 - context capabilities
 - O(1) scheduler
 - rmap15k VM
 - proc restrictions
 - vroot device
 - the new syscall switch

some of those features are considered
stable and will be available as separate
patches soon, and if I get enough feedback
they will be included in the next stable
release ...

the pages are not complete yet, so please be
gentle, and give me some time ...


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