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From: Lus Miguel Silva (lms_at_ispgaya.pt)
Date: Mon 10 Nov 2003 - 07:52:33 GMT

Actually, it is the imapd process that slows down the process.

I now tried another imap daemon and it is pretty better and faster.

The load didnt come from low I/O but from *stupid* parsing load caused by the imap daemon!

The thing is...we have 2 mail servers here! a oldmail vserver and a newmail vserver.
We cant shut down the oldmail just yeat...so i still get that big load! ;o)

Either way, the idea still stands! It would be GREAT to have openmosix+vserver functionality ;o)


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> We used to use SCSI disks but with the hdd inovations on the last years we realised that its a waste of money
> (in our case) to buy scsi!
 It seems like in your case SCSI is exactly what you need.
IE: 1) you've got problems with performance
    2) caused by mailserver - either disk IO or network IO is slowing you
    and then you go and say that you don't need faster IO. curious.

I'd recommend WD SATA drives - they're almost as expensive as SCSI, and
almost as performant, and you get BIG savings on not buying SCSI card,
because SATA ones are cheap and often come with your cheap mainboard.
 ( Of course this 'solution' applies only to us little people who don't get
 SCSI 320 on their motherboard )

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