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From: Georges Toth (georges_at_norm.lu)
Date: Thu 20 Nov 2003 - 13:28:20 GMT

> I think, for now, it would be sufficient, to provide
> and url, where I can download the patches, gentoo
> uses ontop of the vanilla kernel ...

i'm a "gentoo person" :-)
first of all, great work chip !!!
i'm using gentoo on all of my servers as well as vservers... :-)

herbert, there is no "gentoo" kernel like there is a i.e. RH-kernel,
there are many kernels you can choose of.
here's the list of currently available kernels under gentoo:

aa-sources hppa-headers ppc-headers
ac-sources hppa-sources ppc-sources
alpha-sources hppa-sources-dev ppc-sources-benh
arm-headers ia64-sources ppc-sources-crypto
arm-sources ksymoops ppc-sources-dev
ck-sources linux-headers redhat-sources
compaq-sources mips-headers rsbac-sources
development-sources mips-prepatch-sources selinux-sources
gaming-sources mips-sources sparc-sources
genkernel mjc-sources timestamp.x
gentoo-dev-sources mm-sources usermode-sources
gentoo-sources mosix-sources vanilla-prepatch-sources
gentoo-test-sources openmosix-sources vanilla-sources
grsec-sources pfeifer-sources win4lin-sources
gs-sources planet-ccrma-sources wolk-sources
hardened-sources ppc-development-sources xfs-sources

if i understood that correctly, chip wants to make a vanilla+vserver ebuild
so there are no "strange" patches already applied by gentoo which cause
conflicts or such...


regards, Georges Toth _______________________________________________ Vserver mailing list Vserver_at_list.linux-vserver.org http://list.linux-vserver.org/mailman/listinfo/vserver

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