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From: Asbjørn Sannes (ace_at_sannes.org)
Date: Thu 20 Nov 2003 - 14:29:42 GMT

On Thursday 20 November 2003 14:00, Allen D. Parker II wrote:
> Kernels you list as "stable" would be in their KEYWORDS="x86" tree (stable)
> and kernels you list as development releases would be in their
> KEYWORDS="~x86" (unstable) tree. I would basically have the box download
> (if it didn't already have it) whatever kernel-version is "stable" at the
> moment and allow the user to pick whatever else they wanted if they forced
> the build themselves via emerge
> /usr/portage/sys-kernel/vserver-sources/vserver-source-2.4.22-vs1.00.ebuild
> as an example.

Just to comment, the KEYWORDS flag is for the stability of the ebuild itself
(does it install correctly, have the right dependencies and such, has it been
installed by a lot of users successfully.. and so on), so ~x86 or x86 doesn't
tell you it is installing stable software, only that if the ebuild is stable
or not (untested).

"If the KEYWORDS flag has a preceding ~, then that indicates that the
particular ebuild works, but needs to be tested in several environments
before being moved to the stable profile with the given keyword."

It is up to the profile masks to say what goes in and not when it comes to
versions. In other words, keep the development ones masked if that is what
you want, you can still say emerge sys-kernel/vserver-sources/


Asbjorn Sannes

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