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From: Simon Garner (sgarner_at_expio.co.nz)
Date: Tue 25 Nov 2003 - 06:16:27 GMT

On Tuesday, November 25, 2003 6:14 PM NZT,
CÚdric Veilleux <cedric_at_neopeak.com> wrote:

> Simon,
> Congrats for your good work! I have reviewed your work and I am sure
> will be very useful for a lot of us.


> Do you think there could be a way of using skels to handle vserver
> upgrades? Would it be possible to propagate the changes made to a skel
> to the individual vserver's built from that particular skel?

Depends, what sort of upgrades/changes are you meaning?

If you mean package updates, that is a bit of a problem at the moment,
because with immutable-linkage-invert (which is needed for security) you
can't update a hardlinked file without deleting it first (which rpm
does), and that will "ununify" it.

I need to add some way to "reunify" a vserver to match the skel after
the skel is changed; simply re-copying the skel over the vserver might
work, but could cause problems if the vserver has changed those files
since it was created from the skel. I'm not sure how to do it safely,
but I will think about it...

Alternatively if you just wanted to change one or two files in the skel,
you could simply remove the immutable-linkage-invert bit from them for a
moment (only root in the host can do this) and change them and all
linked copies will change also.


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