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From: Alexander Goeres (agoeres_at_lieblinx.net)
Date: Tue 25 Nov 2003 - 10:26:54 GMT

Am Montag, 24. November 2003 05:27 schrieb Charles Dale:
> Hmm can someone else answer this one please, I've lost track of what
> happened to the Per Context Quota & Disk Limit patches after 1.0. Herbert
> did they get merged into the main patch?
> Some of the memory & process limits are controlled by ulimit settings - see
> the ULIMIT= variable in your <vserver>.conf.
> I've yet to investigate doing complete limiting so I can't give you much
> more specific info.
> Cheers,
> Chuck

As far as I understood the Per-Context-Quotas (Quotas inside vservers) are
part of the actual stable and development releases. As I don't use them I
can't really tell you how to set up that.

In general you should have a look at the documentation-site of

Up to now the Per-Context-Disk-Limits (disk space limitations for specified
contexts, i.e. vservers) are not part of the v1.x releases, neither stable
nor development. The only way (I know) to implement these disk limits is with
the patches (some c17e-patches) mentioned in


The explanation there was sufficient for me (after some experimenting).
Vservers work according to this installation. You need to start these
vservers with a fixed context-ID in the configuration files.
Perhaps I should add, that I completely failed to make these PCDLs work with
the "fakeinit" flag in the vserver.conf file. Obviously "fakeinit" doesn't
work with a fixed context-ID.

Memory Limits? Perhaps I should put on this Wiki whish list something like:
"Dearest developers! Please give me some more non-kernel-hackers information
from your programs, i.e. some '--help | -h' options, that explain in more
than one line, what a program does and for what purpose!"

Might be that then even me, I could work out how some implementations are
supposed to work. That'd be nice.. :-)



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