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From: Charles Dale (bug_at_aphid.net)
Date: Sun 30 Nov 2003 - 23:59:03 GMT

Hi Herbert!

Herbert Poetzl wrote:
> and in any case I would advise to use the split patches,
> as they group by functionality ...)

OK I'll use the split patches.

>> 2. include/linux/sched.h: any ideas what to do with this hunk
>> (following)? There's nothing even vaguely like it that I can see.
> how do you 'try' to apply the patches?
> I assume that a change in whitespace is the
> reason, just try with -l option for patch

I did patch -p1 < patch-2.4.21-vs1.1.6.diff in the kernel source tree. The
file I listed in the email was the sched.h.rej. I assume the scheduling code
has been completely changed given that RHEL has the O(1) scheduling patch.
> as I said, if you need help, let me know ...

Yes please! I will try again with the split patches and a fresh day and let
you know more questions =). If you want to have a look yourself that would
be greatly appreciated.
> by the way, where is the 'RHEL' aptch for 2.4.21
> or even better 2.4.22?

Unfortunately there's only a 2.4.21 kernel for RHEL. I've put all the RHEL3
ES stuff here if you want to take a look:

BTW, anyone on this list: feel free to download RHEL from that site. There
are ISOs and the RPMs. I haven't put the whole install tree up but I can if
anyone wants it. (I'll have to kill it if the bandwidth usage gets too great

The kernel-2.4.21-4.0.1.EL directory contains the contents of the latest
kernel SRPM - the 2.4.21 kernel plus a crapload of patches. For the SRPM
itself look in updates/SRPMS/. The kernel-2.4.spec gives the patch
application order but I expect you know that...


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