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From: Lus Miguel Silva (lms_at_ispgaya.pt)
Date: Sun 14 Dec 2003 - 13:24:02 GMT

It seems to me that you're missing the "kernel headers" from your system?

root_at_proxy ~# locate ext2fs
root_at_proxy ~#

Check to see if you have them installed...

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I've downloaded and applied the patches (1.22) to a 2.4.22 kernel and am
now trying to get the vserver, util-vserver and admin-vserver to work.

I run rh8.0

I tried the mdk rpms but vserver choked asking for a different version
of libstdc++.

So I got the source.

There's no configure and no instructions so I just typed make
[root_at_vs0 vserver-0.29]# make
g++ -c -o syscall.o syscall.cc
g++ -c -o old_syscall.o old_syscall.cc
g++ -funsigned-char -Wall -g -O -DVERSION=\"0.29\" chbind.cc syscall.o
old_syscall.o -o chbind
g++ -funsigned-char -Wall -g -O -DVERSION=\"0.29\" chcontext.cc
syscall.o old_syscall.o -o chcontext
g++ -funsigned-char -Wall -g -O -DVERSION=\"0.29\" reducecap.cc
syscall.o old_syscall.o -o reducecap
g++ -c -o vutil.o vutil.cc
vutil.cc:12:28: ext2fs/ext2_fs.h: No such file or directory
vutil.cc: In function `int setext2flag(const char*, bool, int)':
vutil.cc:73: `EXT2_IOC_SETFLAGS' undeclared (first use this function)
vutil.cc:73: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each
   function it appears in.)
make: *** [vutil.o] Error 1

Any help with what's wrong here?

Thanks in advance.

John Francis Lee <jfl_at_robinlea.com>

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