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From: Kern Wolfgang (vserver_at_wwip.de)
Date: Thu 18 Dec 2003 - 11:56:22 GMT

Ok, here i found some pages related to vmware. But, i follow all others when
i say, this is not the right list for your questions!





For this search i spend fewer than 3 minutes... support and tweaking is a
big topic on the net, so not only you have problemes with speed or

I hope I haven't got unfaithful this list through this answers ;)


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Betreff: Re: [Vserver] Not a real vserver question... :o)

Well, vmware says....i have to pay to get support :o)

I tried looking at google and i choosed this mailing list because it has
*something* to do with virtual servers ;o) (not vmware virtual servers...but
nevertheless virtual servers!).


Jonathan Sambrook <jonathan.sambrook_at_dsvr.co.uk> escreveu:

> At 07:58 on Thu 18/12/03, lms_at_ispgaya.pt masquerading as 'Luís Miguel
> wrote:
> > I use vservers for almost two years now (I think)...
> >
> > Either way, I want to make a LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) from
> > Linux distro running on my vmware (which runs on my win2k :o).
> >
> > It cant be that slow. There must be some tunning I can do (with
> > kernel/vmware tools or something).
> You not going to be the first person wanting this. I'd guess though that
> there are other sources of info where you'd get a more informed
> response...
> Are there no VMWare lists? What do VMWare themeselves say?
> Regards,
> Jonathan
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