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From: Bert De Vuyst (bert.devuyst_at_intec.UGent.be)
Date: Fri 19 Dec 2003 - 16:36:58 GMT

> > my test setup:
> > server machine1 with a virtual server machine2 running on op of it.
> > Both running debian 3.0
> okay, lets use a simpler terminology
> you have a 'host' which runs debian 3.0 and contains
> several 'vservers' or 'vps', again with debian 3.0

> the host has running an sshd, smtpd (daemons, servers)?
sshd and ftpd run as daemons
smtp (exim) is started form inetd
I did install apache and samba form some test (running as daemon).
After running some tests, I found out I had to start the daemons first on the
host server and afterwards on the vservers. This runs fine.
If a daemon is running in the vserver, it can't be started on the host server.
(at least for apache and samba)

> the vserver has activated an sshd, smtpd?
sshd, ftpd, samba and apache as daemon
and smtpd form inetd.

> > Running vserver 1.0, it could access ssh, smtp and ftp on
> > machine2 (the virtual server) without changing the configuration
> > of the startup scripts on machine1 (the host server).
> you are _not_ using the sysvwrappers for the host?
No. Debian uses it own style of startup scripts for daemons, the sysvwrapper
scripts from the vserver utils package don't work.

> you where able to start sshd on both, the host and
> the vservers, without any issues on vs1.00?
Yes. I am checking it out on vs 1.20 while I write this mail
(I will check it out on vs1.00 later)

> you where able to connect to the host sshd from
> inside a vserver, without problems on vs1.00?
On vs1.20 it's running fine now, it dit work on vs1.00 as well

> you where able to connect to the vserver sshd
> from the host, without troubles on vs1.00
yes (I'm testing it now on vs-1.20)

> you where able to ssh to the host with vs1.00?

> you where able to ssh to the vserver with vs1.00?

> what of the above isn't working with vs1.22?
all :-) Running vs1.22 I have to bind ssh, smtp and ftp on the host server to
the IP of the host server. Otherwise I can't login on the daemons of the

> this is the _only_ change which IMHO could affect
> you, and it was a bugfix ... so I guess I have to
> look into it a little more ...

I don't get it what's going on here.
Contact me in case you need a login on my testbox. It's located behind a
firewall, but I can move it to a DMZ zone of our network.

Thanks for your help,


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