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From: Dariush Pietrzak (eyck_at_ghost.anime.pl)
Date: Mon 05 Jan 2004 - 10:11:40 GMT

> hmm, added your last link http://eyck.forumakad.pl/Projects/bsd
> to linux-vserver.org wiki, but didn't find the 13f release
 oh, I've mistaken which directory unison synchronizes to which, now it
should be there.

> PS: did you fix some of the known issues?
 Nope. I ain't got no SMP-capable machine here, and don't expect to have
one in coming year, so the problems you mentioned haven't bit me yet.
I hope to move to new vs before they do.

 About LLUGiX with vserver support - it's a knoppix clone made for LLUG (
Lublin Linux Users Group ), it runs with bastard kernel and contains
vserver utils, so it's easy to pop cd in and watch vserver marvels to roll
on.. (*)
 * - not really, there's no configuration and no example vservers yet, so
 * you have to create your own...
With it it's just a matter of writing simple script to realize the vision
someone mentioned around here - you boot cd and then run your system from
disk as vserver inside it.
ISO is available from http://grendel.ar.lublin.pl/llugix/, 006d is the
first version to support ctx.

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Namagumi namagomi namagoroshi
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