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From: Dariush Pietrzak (eyck_at_ghost.anime.pl)
Date: Wed 07 Jan 2004 - 10:13:15 GMT

 I'm trying to prepare vserver demo CD/USB disk,
what I would like is minimal system with vserver utils(done), and then
various hosted environments: various linux distributions running as
vservers, with some minimal abilities, at least ability to enter them, both
via vserver * enter and via ssh *, ability to check updates from net, and
upgrade the whole system.
 What I'm missing are minimal system images ( something similiar to what
UML people provide - you download redhat6.2 image, enter it and voile'a,
you'r running rh6.2, same for suse etc..etc..), and some documentation, for
 debian ( minimal system can be created using debootstrap and also untarred
 from old installation disks ):
  apt-get update
  apt-get upgrade
 gentoo ( minimal system distributed on installation CDs and as stage3
 tarball ):
  emerge sync
  emerge -u world

Can anyone help with filling up the blanks? ( ie: redhat, slackware, suse,
etc.. ). Any suggestions as to what dists would be interesting?

And another thing - can anyone share success stories about running X inside
vserver? It would be nice to show off machine running different X server on
different terminals, every one would be different dist and different X
generation (4.2,4.3,3.3..), I'm rather server guy so any suggestions would
be welcome as to how to accomplish something like that.

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