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From: Andreas Vogt (a_vogt_at_gaia.de)
Date: Sun 18 Jan 2004 - 00:00:00 GMT

Hello alltogether,

I used to run four virtual servers on a SuSE 8.1 system,
all vservers same dist.

The kernel was a vanilla 2.4.20 patched with freeswan and

userspace utilities were vserver-0.22-1

I used the fakeinit flag and I hadn't to change any scripts like
Roland Moriz (his mail from 25.Jun 2003 on vserver development list).

It just worked (after disabling some services like "network" in runlevel

My configs didn't define S_CONTEXT, it was just commented out, so vserver
found it itself.

Now I udated my kernel for security reasons to 2.4.24.

Vserver patch is
2.4.24-vs1.24.diff ( I also tried vs1.22),

and vserver-0.29-2mdk

First I got message
'Can't set the new security context
 : invalid argument'
so I chenged configs and set a fix S_CONTEXT number for all my vservers.

vserver v1 start
complained about
'Usage: init 01234.....'

I wonder, as the old vserver script seemed to do quite the same on
fakeinit (running /sbin/init).
Well, I changed that on line 500 to
STARTCMD="/sbin/init 3",
but now I get
init: No such process

I also can't get it running by
vserver v1 exec telinit 3
vserver v1 exec /etc/rc.d/rc 3

After starting my vserver, IP-Alias is set up, but nothing else.
Then I do
vserver v1 rcsshd start
or similar for all services. But that's not very nice and I fear a reboot
process :-(

I googled around and found some info, that fakeinit doesn't seem to work
with fixed security contex. But vserver-0.29 always complains about
invalid argument, if I comment out "S_CONTEXT".

I also tried to use util-vserver (0.27-1mdk), but I have to build my own
After doing so, rpm doesn't install ist, comlaining about dependencies:
/usr/bin/shellmod is needed by util-vserver-0.27.1mdk

(I can't see a required section in sepc file nor any obviously definition
- and suse doesn't provide linuxconf and shellmod).
Well, I can install it using --nodeps, a really bad idea!
But even then,
vserver v1 start
complains about unknown parameter in ULIMIT ("-H -u 1000").

So neither util-vserver nor vserver seem to be properly tested!?

How can I achieve a proper init run of my SuSE-vservers using fakeinit?

Can anybody help me? What changed so much, that fakeinit now doesn't work?
(the vservers didn't change!!!!)

Bye and thanks in advance

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