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From: Liam Helmer (linuxlists_at_thevenue.org)
Date: Thu 22 Jan 2004 - 23:28:49 GMT

Hey guys,

I've been working with linux vservers inside my distribution
(http://desktopappliances.org). I'm currently playing with a web server
module running in a vserver. However, I have 2 bugs that are cropping
up, and I'm trying to identify and correct them.

First off, the obligatory setup info:

Distro: Gentoo/PEA
fs: tmpfs, reiserfs and squashfs filesystems in use, reiserfs running on
lvm volumes
Kernel: 2.4.24, vs1.2.2, with openwall patches and a few others (my own
Hardware: cobalt raq3

The first bug I think I saw a reference to here before a week or two
ago, (although it looked like it was outside the vserver context?): If I
have more than 1 ip address selected in the vserver context (chbind --ip
x --ip y), then I'm able to make tcp connections to remote hosts from
within the vserver context, but not udp connections (udp connections
give me an error "socket.c: x.x.x.x#y invalid argument"). This is solved
by the workaround of having the first ip being used be on the interface
where the default route exists.

The second bug is a little more tricky. The first time that I invoke
apache, it starts up fine, with no issues. Then, after a random number
of restarts, I seem to have a problem with apache -> it will no longer
properly restart -> It hangs during the startup -> It creates a
listener, but fails to fork off additional apache processes. I'm not
seeing any errors, however, and have yet to glean anything from an
strace. I can't find any particular activity that triggers it... it just
happens, at some point after the first startup. Once it's gotten into
this state, it never starts up correctly again -> the initial listener
on port 80 is there, but, as the apache child processes aren't spawning,
I get no actual web activity.

My troubleshooting, at this point, has been to recompile apache with the
exact kernel version, etc, in order to make sure that it's all in sync.
My next step is going to be trying this all on another box, and setting
up some kind of continuous strace on apache.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Is there anything I should look

By the way, if anyone's curious, I've been successful in getting
XFree86/KDE/Gnome running in a vserver <g>... there's been a couple of
minor issues, but I think I've licked most of them.


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