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From: Allen D. Parker II (allenp_at_efn.org)
Date: Fri 30 Jan 2004 - 11:08:38 GMT

> I would like to get your opinion on that, especially
> regarding the following questions:
> 1) should the 2.4 branch be frozen, and if when?
Linus/Marcello have already frozen 2.4... I know the only thing keeping me
from migrating my personal system at work to 2.6 is the immaturity of
linux-vserver. So... my vote is when 2.6.4 is released, 2.4 development
should be frozen except for bugfixes. 2.6 is a VERY nice kernel, builds
faster, has better memory management... at least on my 1GB machines.. and
overall has better support for a wider range of hardware... (the 3ware and
megaraid controllers both benefit from a pretty decent code cleanup)
> 2) is it bad if 2.4 and 2.6 branches diverge?
> 3) is multitude (2.4/2.6/2.6SE) preferred over
> development speed?
Definitely not. I'd love to see a stable 2.6 patchset released ASAP with new
capabilities being added to 2.6 with a possible 2.6-mm patchset also.
(x86-64 support is a BIG issue for me personally as I have a couple opterons
that I'd like to put vserver on... that are already running Gentoo.)
> 4) is a 2.4/2.6 migration path important to you?
It'd be nice to not have to redo the configs and to be able to drop in a new
version of Enrico's tools over the current versions and not have issues.
> 5) what branch 2.4, 2.6 or 2.6SE would you prefer?
2.6 or 2.6SE
> 6) what branch/version do you currently use/test?
2.4.24-ck1-vs1.3.4 (personal box at work), 2.4.24-vs1.2.4 (production box
for client), 2.6.2 (router), 2.6.2 (mp3/audio encoder),
2.6.2-mm/2.4.24-(current experimental vs) planned for dual athlon mp (new
box, got it tonight) if 2.4.24 will support my S/ATA 4 port megaraid
> TIA,
> Herbert

Herbert, let me thank you for your time and effort on this project, beggars
can't be choosers, but if I have a choice, those are the votes I will cast.
I feel that it's important to look into getting support for 2.6 for the
reasons stated above. I'd really rather not be running 2.4 kernels for too
much longer on my production machines.


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