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From: Christian Jaeger (christian.jaeger_at_ethlife.ethz.ch)
Date: Sat 08 May 2004 - 01:56:28 BST


I'm having a hard time trying to get gentoo to work as guest (on a
debian host).

Using "plain" init style makes much sense for me (same calling
principle independent from distro, init can take care of process
restarting, reboot works without -f flag), but it comes at a prize it
seems: debugging looks extremely hard.

Where you see the boot messages right onto the terminal when using
the "normal" (='sysv'?) init style, they seem to vanish in nirvana
with "plain" style.

Gentoo somehow shuts itself down right after boot, or I don't know
what happens, the effect is that it reboots every 8 seconds. It has
not always been like that, the very first time it stayed up.

- What can be done to ease startup debugging? I've replaced init with
a wrapper calling "strace -o /somelog init.orig --init", but I don't
see reboot(2) being called.

- how can reboots (or shutdown and startup) be triggered from a web
interface or the like, and messages be shown there? Something a bit
like a serial interface, would be cool, would make vservers better
than real machines :)

- how would an admin of a vserver, without assistance from the host
admin, best debug a vserver boot process?; control it through a
second vserver? use chroots (tried this one)? It's made a bit
difficult since an admin inside a vserver cannot mount anything, not
even proc and devpts.

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