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From: Conny Brunnkvist (kop_at_ninzin.net)
Date: Tue 11 May 2004 - 14:44:15 BST

2004-05-11 kl. 14.00 skrev Herbert Poetzl:
> take the time to test those patches, because if debian
> folks can't live with the 'vanilla' kernel + vserver
> patch, I expect them to do the testing. this project
> can not scale if I develop for 10 different distro
> specific kernels ...

I totally agree. I don't believe that anyone expects you to take on the
responsibility for each distribution-specific flavour either. At least
I hope not. :-)

>>> With reference to bug #245858; did someone else finally ever actually
>>> test this combination patch-kernel? Or is it my kernel config that's
>>> balmy?
>> I assume that it is the patch.
> indeed it is, and I would expect the maintainer (you)
> at least to compile a new kernel/patch before uploading
> them, but maybe this is different for debian ...
> don't get me wrong, I'm glad that somebody is the
> designated debian maintainer for linux-vserver, but
> maybe it would better to tell debian folks _not_
> to use the debian packages ...

That's another topic, but I'll bite: Using out-of-debian
kernel patches *on* debian kernels gives me feelings of
uncertainty an reluctance. On the other hand there's that
warm, fuzzy feeling when I decide to install and try any
kernel-patch-* debian package which I know, most of the
time, applies in a smoothless and transparent manner.

I have full confidence in Olas judgement and work as a
package maintainer... Although I agree that actually
testing packages of this kind before uploading them can
at times like these save yet another bug report. ;-)

(Oh, and thanks all for the good and quick feedback!)


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