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From: Lyn St George (lyn_at_zolotek.net)
Date: Tue 25 May 2004 - 17:03:12 BST

On Mon, 24 May 2004 23:13:08 +0000, ryanmh_at_comcast.net wrote:

>Matthew Nuzum wrote:
>> I've downloaded FC2 and am interested if you've had to do anything tricky to
>> get it running with CTX.
>> Can you confirm: did you start with a stock kernel?
>I started with a stock 2.6.6 kernel and applied the vs1.9.1 patch. I didn't have to do
anything too tricky; I used the Fedora provided config file in /boot and did a 'make oldconfig'
to set the vserver-specifc flags. To be safe I edited the /etc/fstab and /etc/grub.conf files so
as not to use labels -- that was an issue when using vanilla kernels with previous RH
>> Is there any problem running older guest OSs? (RH7.3 for example)
>Haven't tried it, so I can't say.
>> Can you mention any benefits of using the new FC2 as a host OS?
>I just wanted a Red Hat system that could use a 2.6.x kernel without any fuss; using 2.6.x
on RHEL3 or FC1 requires extra fiddling.

I've just tried patch 1.91. on a 2.6.6 kernel and got heaps of
"unresolved externals" in various drivers while doing
'make module_install'. This is RH 9 which uses glibc 2.3.2, and has
updated binutils 2.14, on a dual Xeon 2.4. The kernel then refused to boot.

Yet it's OK on my local machine (Athlon 2800). This machine starts
life with a RH6.2 CD and regularly gets rebuilt from that base
for testing. Using the original glibc 2.1.x (IIRC) but everything
else updated from tarballs it builds and runs kernel 2.6.6 vs1.9.1
without any fuss.

The failing one uses grub, the other lilo (as do my other remote
machines). Can grub be disabled just by 'mv grub grub.OFF'
and lilo be used instead on RH9? It's a remote machine so
when it fails to boot then it means a phone call and a wait to
get it sorted...



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