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From: Sam Vilain (sam_at_vilain.net)
Date: Fri 25 Jun 2004 - 12:44:04 BST

Sergey Goldgaber wrote:

>>>From a look at the unify-dirs code I do not understand
>>>why it is the "t" attribute that is being set instead of
>>>the "I" attribute. But that seems to be the core of the
>>There are two problems;
>> a) The e2fsprogs and kernel team ignored my original request to
>>allocate that bit for that purpose, and it has since been also grabbed
>>by the "no tail merge" attribute. Currently, setting that bit makes
>>*both* features happen at the same time, though normally this is harmless
>> b) You need -i as well. The "immutable linkage invert" flag (hey,
>>couldn't think of a more succinct name), if set on its own, will make a
>>file that is not linkable but is writable.
>Thank you for your answer. I tried "unify-dirs -li" and that worked...
>until recently, when I ran in to some directories that were making
>unify-dirs segfault. I traced this down to a call to readdir_inode
>on directories with more than 125 members. The following program
>will segfault with perl 5.6.1 and ReadDir 0.02:
> #!/usr/bin/perl
> #
> use ReadDir qw(&readdir_inode);
> $dir = "." ;
> for ( $i=0 ; $i<126 ; $i++ ) {
> system("touch $i") ;
> }
> my @dirents = readdir_inode $dir;
>Thanks again for writing a very useful utility. Apart from this it
>really works great!
Glad to hear. Thanks for the test script, with it the bug stood out
like a sore thumb. I've just uploaded ReadDir 0.03 to CPAN.

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