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From: Arne Blankerts (blankerts_at_salesemotion.de)
Date: Wed 04 Aug 2004 - 19:27:22 BST

On Tue, 2004-08-03 at 14:40, Justin Fielding wrote:

> Anyway, to the point. I can't find much about installing vserver on an
> FC2 machine. The linux kernel is 2.6 and for a novice like me all of
> this kernel patching etc is quite deep. Is there a nice tutorial out
> there which I have missed? If not, can anyone who has done what I am
> trying give me some tips on what deviations I will need to make from the
> Feroda core 1 tutorial / howto?

Not by now since the vserver patches for the 2.6 series of kernels is
highly experimental and - to be quite honest - if you need a
howto/tutorial, this experimental stuff is not for you ;)

There is nothing wrong with needing a tutorial (that's why i actually
wrote the FC1 howto) just don't use experimental stuff then.

If you need a stable vserver environment, consider using FC1 for the
server. There is nothing wrong in using FC2 as a workstation (as i do

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    Arne Blankerts

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