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From: Jon Bendtsen (jon_at_kollegiegaarden.dk)
Date: Thu 26 Aug 2004 - 08:51:38 BST

Den 26. aug 2004, kl. 8:34, skrev Jan-Marc Pilawa:

> Am Donnerstag, 26. August 2004 00:09 schrieb Marc E. Fiuczynski:
>> Hey Dustin,
>> That's a pretty neat picture. The picture sort of implies nesting. I
>> am
>> not sure, but can one create a vserver context inside of a vserver?
>> If so,
>> then this is a great idea.
> At least there was a discussion many month ago, but I can't exactly
> remember.
> This picture is a very nice idea, because vserver is not a (full)
> linux inside
> a linux, but some sort or a kind of in some way "reduced" linux. It
> looks
> like a "full linux", but it is not. The user gets the impression (the
> picture) of a linux, but no one expects that this picture is full
> reality
> (Where is the man in the radio ;-)
> We had very similar ideas here on the list, but they all lacked that
> kind of
> "reduction" a vserver-linux "inside" has or made not clear that
> multiple
> servers inside a server is possible.

For the time being we can solve this by changing the logo so it only
has one level
of nesting, but more individual nestings. Like not 12 "screens" in the
back, but 20,
25? 30?...
We could also have other logo's in the 3. nesting level, like apache,
cvs, subversion, ... suggesting that they are running in an embedded
running in a linux.


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