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From: Justin Fielding (justin_at_okulyillari.com)
Date: Tue 02 Nov 2004 - 09:36:27 GMT

> I have been working on plesk for two years, yes it has some bad points
> love it. Simplifies life. Do you have any idea how your host installed it
> a vserver?

They didn't. As I said, my virtual server is via Virtuozzo (or whatever
they call it) produced by sw-soft. It's not running vserver.

The think I dislike most about plesk is the way it stops you from upgrading
software (spamassassin would be an example), and if you make a custom change
or upgrade, when they release the next patch, you can't install it without
destroying and modifications to the system. For example, 7.1.5 is now out,
but I can't upgrade without destroying my custom qmail/clamav/spamassassin3
install, so I will just have to stay with 7.1.4 and address security issues
by using yum to keep things up to date.

As for the 'cheap' server Vs expensive server (but divided).

I would rather have two AMD64 PC's, with hardware SATA RAID, lot's of ram,
clustered to each other via fiber, than I would have one expensive server.
It would still be cheaper, and something freak (such as a motherboard /
memory /cpu failure) would still not take it down. I imagine the
performance would be pretty much equal unless you were trying to run a
hotmail mirror!

Still, I'm stuck on a $40 VPS now so it's all speculation.

Many Thanks,

Justin Fielding,
Intelliweb Ltd UK.

A mission statement is defined as "a long awkward sentence that demonstrates
management's inability to think clearly." All good companies have one. -
Scott Adams, The Dilbert Principle, 1996"

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