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From: Björn Steinbrink (bjoern.steinbrink_at_isp4p.net)
Date: Tue 09 Nov 2004 - 14:53:42 GMT

On Tue, 9 Nov 2004 14:35:18 +0000 (UTC)
Jesper Krogh <jesper_at_krogh.cc> wrote:

> I gmane.linux.vserver, skrev Herbert Poetzl:
> > On Tue, Nov 09, 2004 at 08:40:09AM +0000, Jesper Krogh wrote:
> > > I gmane.linux.vserver, skrev Dariush Pietrzak:
> > > > > I'd really like to test this vserver thing out, but currently
> > > > > it clashes with my policy of only installing things through
> > > > > the packages system on my computers.
> >
> > well, either you start building packages for your
> > package system, you rethink your policy, or you
> > choose not to test 'this vserver thing' ...
> Sure.. I'll go that way. I'd just like to know if the were available
> somewhere, so I could skip kernel compilation.
> > > I tried make-kpkg yesterday with the debian-kernel 2.6.9 source
> > > and vserver patch, that actually worked, (in regards to vserver)
> > > but failed getting pcmcia/wireless to work.
> >
> > well, debian source is debian source, linux-vserver
> > patches are based on the vanilla kernel not on some
> > distro kernel ...
> Ok.. so I'll go for the vanilla kernel in the next try.
> > > I'd really like to have a couple of vservers at my laptop for
> > > testing software installations :-) Isn't this a common usage of
> > > Vservers?
> >
> > yes, it is also common practice to avoid debian
> > to get a working linux-vserver setup ...
> For any particular reason?

Because debian packages are made to work with debian packages. That
means that if you use the debian util-vserver package it is best to use
their kernel patch and their helper stuff, it won't work too well with
non debianized stuff. Problem is: debian stuff is often outdated, f.e.
from what i remember debian has an (old) vserver patch for 2.6 (devel),
but the tools are kept at 0.30 (stable), thus you can't use the new
features (except if the debian maintainers wrote/backported tools...).

Also, since some packages have very little in common with the upstream,
it's a real pain to fix issues if you don't happen to be the debian

You should have a look at the list's
archives and search for message from/to debian maintainers, maybe that
helps understanding why, for linux-vserver, the debianized stuff is not
the first choice.

That said, i want to say that i've used debian a long time and i like
it, but sometimes their (or a maintainer's, dunno) packaging policies
don't fit a project very well. Linux-VServer is such a project as it

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