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From: Justin Fielding (justin_at_okulyillari.com)
Date: Sun 21 Nov 2004 - 11:56:18 GMT

Vlad Mazek wrote:

> Justin Fielding wrote:
>> Hi guys. I am posed with a rather strange and frustrating problem, I
>> hope that somebody will be able to point me in the correct
>> direction. I currently have a VPS (SW-SOFT VPS, not The amount of
>> incoming spam alarms me. I have taken all measures I can to combat
>> this. I run qmail-scanner with ClamAV protection and SpamAssassin
>> 3.0.2. On average I must
> From what I know of swsoft, you can lock down the amount of ram that
> the virtual server can use. Since you have both ClamAV and
> SpamAssassin scanning each email that is the likely cause of your ram
> deficiency. In Virtuozzo your server processes will grow and continue
> to use up more ram until they hit the limit and die. While it is
> likely that they are just fighting for resources with spamassassin, it
> might also be other processes running in that context.

Yes I am aware of this and believe this to be our problem (Virtuozzo
regularly gives QoS and Resource outage reports). Our VPS has 256MB of
ram dedicated to it, I would have though this to be enough, but I am not
sure the qmail-scaner is an efficent mail processing method. How would
I verify that this is indeed the issue? I would think at least
splitting the email load and web traffic in to different environments
could have nothing but a positive effect. It would however pose a
problem with webmail etc. I would need to give access to the mail
server via http to allow customers to add and remove email accounts,
also webmail would be an issue (it's not used much but should be
available). Is it possible to have webmail.domain.com redirecting to a
mail server, while keeping all other web realted processes on the main
server? I suppose this would need some funky DNS wizzardry?

>> So the point to this is.. Can anyone recommend a good vserver
>> provider? I have seen some pretty expensive companies out there,
>> they don't really offer value for money. Then again I'm sure there
>> are some who do. I wouldn't want too much disk space (it would only
>> be for email), I'm not sure what the recommended RAM would be for a
>> small mail server. For OS I think RHE would be a stable choice. The
>> current VPS we are on runs FC1 and I am not so sure of it's
>> suitability as a production system.
> Don't know of any "good vserver providers" -- at least by your
> definition. There are hundreds of resellers that are basically trying
> to split a $300 dedicated server into enough 32 meg vservers to hardly
> break even. If you have high demands, don't look to vserver -- get a
> cheap dedicated server instead, look at www.webhostingtalk.com and you
> will find people giving away decent power systems for under $60/month
> for up to 1000 GB and 10mb port. May not be 100% uptime but at least
> you're guaranteed the resources.

I guess my definition would be that of reasonable resources for a
reasonable price. I agree that it seems the pratice of overselling
VPS/vserver accounts seems to be the norm now, as is overselling of
shared hosting. A dedicated option would be nice, but the budget is
very tight at the moment. I currently pay $40 / month for 15GB of disk
space, with 256MB of dedicated RAM. This is on a Dual Xeon setup with a
total of about 8GB or pooled RAM. I don't think Virtuozzo allows one
particular VPS to use memory from the pool if it is required and not in
use by other VPS on the same host. Does vserver do this? It is only
once a day or less that the resource usage peaks to a point of crashing
the VPS. This must be when a combination of web resources and mail
resources combine to be too much of a strain. At the very least, moving
the email to a vserver would stop this scenario.

Like I said I pay $40 for 256MB/15GB. I would be happy to pay $20 for a
vserver offering 256MB/2GB, just to use for mail. I will check out your
suggested site and see if there is anything suitable. I think I would
rather have them seperated and moving the website should be avoided if
possible as it means downtime.



> -Vlad Mazek
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