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From: Andreea Gansac (andreea.gansac_at_ines.ro)
Date: Tue 23 Nov 2004 - 13:00:06 GMT


        I am testing the linux vservers development release 1.9.3.
        I have 2 problems:

        1. When I check the limits with vlimit I can't see any cpu resource:
        [root_at_v2 linux-2.6.9]# vlimit -c 49167 --all -d
        RSS N/A N/A 100000
        NPROC N/A N/A 70
        NOFILE N/A N/A inf
        MEMLOCK N/A N/A inf
        AS N/A N/A inf
         Though :

        [root_at_v2 util-vserver]# vlimit -c 49168 --cpu 30
        vc_set_rlimit(): Success

        If I run a process that does only while(1){} inside the vserver, the
cpu is used only 25%-30%. So the limitations work but not how I want
them to. No matter how much I set the cpu limit (10,20,50,100,200...)
and no matter how many processes I have in the vserver the cpu is used
        I think I missed a piece of the puzzle.
        2. How can I clone a vserver? On 2.4.x I had the newvserver utility.
        On 2.6 I have vbuild and vcopy but neither of them works.
[root_at_v2 util-vserver]# ./vbuild --debug --test andreea andreea_clone
sh: line 1: /usr/lib/util-vserver/distrib-info: No such file or
Can't lstat file andreea/.vdir (No such file or directory)

[root_at_v2 util-vserver]# ./vcopy andreea_clone andreea
unification not configured for source vserver

Reading the error I get at vcopy I understand that vcopy creates vserver
using unification. I don't want unification. I want every vserver to
have it's own logical volume, thus I can limit the space for every
vserver very easy.
I think vbuild is what I want but it's not working. Is there another
utility I don't know about? Or how can I make vbuild work?

Thanks a lot.

Andreea Gansac
Web Engineer
iNES Group
tel: 021-232.21.12
fax: 021-232.34.61

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