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From: Darryl Ross (spam_at_afoyi.com)
Date: Tue 07 Dec 2004 - 08:55:33 GMT

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Hi Herbert,

| here are some changes which are already part of
| (or at least prepared) for the next generation
| networking (NGNET) code ...
| - virtual and isolated interfaces
| - loopback virtualization and isolation
| - separated routing tables and routes
| - improved local address recognition
| - iptables supported vnet matching
| - hot network redirection (failsafe)
| - isolated ppp and tun devices
| - support for ipv6 on host and vservers

I am happy to test this for you.

I haven't had a look to see how you're doing the network stuff, but does
it support (or will it support) the ability to set the ethernet MAC
address for the virtual interface inside a vserver?

At the moment we're using vservers to improve the reliability. We keep
an up to date rsync of our vservers on another machine so that we can
just stop it on the old machine and start it on the new machine if there
are any problems. Unfortunately, some software uses the MAC address as
part of the license validation. Being able to assign a MAC address to
the vserver and migrate that as well would be really beneficial. It
wouldn't matter to us whether or not the mac is really used on the
network or not, as long as the vserver sees it as the interface's MAC.


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