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From: Jörn Engel (joern_at_wohnheim.fh-wedel.de)
Date: Mon 13 Dec 2004 - 15:53:23 GMT

On Sat, 11 December 2004 17:43:09 +0100, Herbert Poetzl wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 11, 2004 at 12:59:02PM +0100, Oliver Welter wrote:
> > Hi List,
> >
> > I want to start a discussion about an easy way to "unify" sone systems...
> > I have one maschine that hosts about 10 instances of on application.
> > They differ only in some config files an a "var" directory where the
> > data is kept.
> >
> > my Idea is now to setup a base install of the application and mount
> > this with "mount --bind" or put it onto an own partition and mount it
> > multiple times read-only into the vserver contexts.
> * --bind mounts do not allow (without madditional kernel patches)
> to mount something ro when otherwise mounted rw
> (i.e. you need the Bind Mount Extensions)

Looks like you want either cowlinks (plug) or unionmount. Unionmount
still has some bugs and the author won't release it before he
personally feels relatively confident with it.

Cowlinks exist and work, but the design behind the implementation is
Just Wrong(tm) and I haven't found the time to rewrite them with a
decent design yet. But for some people the old design is good enough.

Some documantation is here (not much, sorry):


...one more straw can't possibly matter...
-- Kirby Bakken
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