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From: Hans Ulrich Niedermann (vserver_at_n-dimensional.de)
Date: Mon 27 Dec 2004 - 20:24:40 GMT

Stephen Frost <sfrost_at_snowman.net> writes:

> * Enrico Scholz (enrico.scholz_at_informatik.tu-chemnitz.de) wrote:
>> herbert_at_13thfloor.at (Herbert Poetzl) writes:
>> > | * A lot of programs don't have documentation. Add man pages in DocBook?
>> Maintainership of the man-pages will be a problem; especially in
>> the current stage where features might be added or removed very
>> fast. Incorrect documentation is worse than missing one.
> It'd be nice if the commits of such feature addition/deletion also
> included the appropriate documentation changes... In addition, the
> man-pages could have a note in them about the current flux or some such.

In the current stage where the APIs aren't even fix yet, maintaining
accurately detailed man pages is a PITA and almost impossible to do.

However, the basic idea what, say, lsxid does will remain the same,
even if the options will still change. So a man page for lsxid which
basically says

| lsxid - list files with their context ID
| lsxid [options] [files...]
| List context IDs of files. Context IDs are blah...
| lsxid is still very much in alpha stage. Therefore, its options are
| still changing a lot. Run "lsxid --help" for information on the
| current set of options.

would not take any time to maintain but still would give users
valuable assistance.

>> > | * The distclean target does also remove util-vserver.spec which is
>> > | shipped in the release tarball.
>> Where is the problem? The corresponding clean-rule is autogenerated
>> by autoconf and the file can be recreated by './configure' resp.
>> './config.status'.
> Sounds like maybe it shouldn't be shipped in the release tarball then..

The release tarball requires the util-vserver.spec in order for

   rpmbuild -ta util-vserver-0.30.196.tar.gz

to build an RPM package.

> Debian packages are generally built along the lines of 'make clean,
> generate Debian diff, configure, make, make install'. We don't like
> things showing up in the Debian diff that shouldn't really be there. :)
> It makes everyone's life harder having to deal w/ large diffs...



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