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From: Hans Ulrich Niedermann (vserver_at_n-dimensional.de)
Date: Mon 27 Dec 2004 - 19:58:45 GMT

Stephen Frost <sfrost_at_snowman.net> writes:

> * Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at) wrote:
>> | - How should the packaging devide up the groups most conveniently?
>> util-vserver-0.30.196
>> util-vserver-lib-0.30.196
>> util-vserver-sysv-0.30.196
>> util-vserver-core-0.30.196
>> util-vserver-build-0.30.196
>> util-vserver-legacy-0.30.196
> Good grief, Charlie Brown. That's a hell of alot of packages. The
> 0.30.195 i386 .deb that I did ended up being only 330k. I don't think
> it's useful to split up util-vserver into this many packages on Debian,
> in fact, I think it'd be a *terrible* idea. I'd say perhaps a main
> util-vserver package and a -doc package. Maybe a -lib/-dev, but only if
> something outside of util-vserver is expected to use the libraries/API
> provided by util-vserver (do any actually exist?, is it even sane?).

Putting the legacy stuff into a separate legacy package would
help new users a lot by reducing confusion as to what is legacy and
what is not.

>> | * guest systems cannot run klogd (because there is only one kernel and
>> | the klogd thus is best addressed in the host system).
>> | So a distribution has to ship an empty dummy package to satisfy the
>> | packages which depend on klogd (Debian: linux-kernel-log-daemon).
>> hmm, this is a kernel issue, and maybe we can solve
>> that at this level (by providing a fake or empty
>> connection point for klogd) but IMHO it would be best
>> to break up the syslog package into syslogd and klogd
>> (which would render this point obsolete)
> ehhh, I don't think util-vserver as a package should really care about
> this all that much. People can install syslog-ng and use that instead
> (that's what I do). A fake/empty connection point for klogd isn't all
> that bad of an idea, imv, though.

On my Debian Sarge system, these packages depend on the virtual
package linux-kernel-log-daemon:


So there should be some package for installation on guest systems
which provides linux-kernel-log-daemon.

However, as there seems to be a concensus that there should be nothing
vserver specific to be installed on a vserver guest, it cannot be
"util-vserver" with its tools which provides linux-kernel-log-daemon,
but there must be a separate package.



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