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From: Enrico Scholz (enrico.scholz_at_informatik.tu-chemnitz.de)
Date: Mon 27 Dec 2004 - 22:38:54 GMT

herbert_at_13thfloor.at (Herbert Poetzl) writes:

As there is some discussion about the package-count let me explain the
background of the packaging:

> | - How should the packaging devide up the groups most conveniently?
> util-vserver-core-0.30.196

Contains low-level utilities which use the linux-vserver kernel API
directly. Most of them do not know util-vserver's idea of "vservers"
(cfg-directory + chroot) at all.

This package is very lightweighted and has nearly no dependencies so
that it can be used in guest-systems also.

> util-vserver-0.30.196

This is used to operate existing vservers (starting/stopping). It uses
my idea about "vservers" and has moderate dependencies.

> util-vserver-lib-0.30.196

Shared libraries; should be self-explaining

> util-vserver-devel-0.30.196

devel-files; adds a dependency on pkgconfig

> util-vserver-sysv-0.30.196

SysV initscripts; because:

* I do not like SysV init
* they introduce additional, ugly dependencies (the 'initscripts'
  package on Fedora)

they are packaged separately.

> util-vserver-build-0.30.196

This contains tools about the creation of vservers. It has complicated
dependencies (rpm, apt-get) which might be unwanted.

> util-vserver-legacy-0.30.196

The legacy-tools...

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