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From: Enrico Scholz (enrico.scholz_at_informatik.tu-chemnitz.de)
Date: Tue 28 Dec 2004 - 02:44:11 GMT

sfrost_at_snowman.net (Stephen Frost) writes:

>> > Alright, then maybe a -legacy or some such package, or just a really
>> > stern warning at the start of all the -legacy stuff saying "this is
>> > legacy, you shouldn't be using it", or just don't distribute it at all
>> > (my personal favorite).
>> the thing is, many people have existing 2.4 vservers and want to
>> see 'some' migration path, and telling them "sorry, you are out of
>> luck" isn't the way we want to go there ... so the legacy stuff
>> _is_ important ...
> ...
> Perhaps, I just don't like releasing legacy tools. How difficult is it
> to move to the new tools? Are the 'new' vservers the 2.6 ones, and the
> 'old' vservers the 2.4 ones, or can you have 'new' 2.4 vservers?

My production vservers have only the "new style" on 2.4 kernels, and
(at least on my side) the alpha utils are more tested for 2.4 than for
2.6. But expressing a formal "migration path" from "old" style is
difficultly. It is more than converting the configuration-file:

* as the init-script handling is more strict in 'alpha' tools, you have
  to do some hacks manually (e.g. replacing /etc/init.d/halt, make sure
  that /etc/rc.d/rc.sysconfig succeeds, disable some init-scripts)

* you will have to convert the old, human-written <vserver>.sh
  script. Filesystem-mounting (a common task there) is now done

* perhaps not an issue for Debian, but the old 'vrpm' does not work
  anymore: this method corresponds to the new external
  package-management which requires lot of additional configuration

I tried to keep some vservers with the old style where I could test
migration methods with. But unfortunately, the harddisk died and I
created them from scratch with the new method ;)

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