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From: Kilian Krause (kk_at_verfaction.de)
Date: Thu 30 Dec 2004 - 00:20:52 GMT

Hi Enrico,

Am Donnerstag, den 30.12.2004, 01:13 +0100 schrieb Enrico Scholz:
> kk_at_verfaction.de ("Kilian Krause") writes:
> >> >> [ ... util-vserver.spec ...]
> >> > Hrmpf. Then can we just not delete it in make clean?
> >>
> >> I will think about this; but I still do not understand the problem
> >> there.
> >
> > very easy to tell. You're talking about "what configure builds, make
> > clean purges" yet you're rolling the release tarball with a *.spec
> > already. Thus it's not configure building it, but autogen.sh at dist
> > stage. So the make clean shouldn't purge it, but going back into
> > mrproper mode should.
> Sorry, I am out of sync now... util-vserver has neither an 'autogen.sh'
> script nor a 'mrproper' make-target.
> The clearify things:
> * 'util-vserver.spec' is *not* removed by 'make clean'
> * 'util-vserver.spec' *is* removed by 'make distclean'; this clean rule
> is generated automatically by automake

Ok, it sounds just like going for a "make clean" is the solution then.

> And I still do not see the problem: it is common practice to build a
> '.spec' file from a '.spec.in' file and to ship it in the tarball.
> E.g. most Gnome packages have the behavior above; how is Debian
> packaging done there?

Problem wasn't with the spec file itself, just with the "tarball being
changed" while packaging. The idea of a clean packaging does contain the
value of reverting *everything* that was done after unwrapping the
tarball on its clean target. That's the only rule you need to obey to be
able to go back and forth in packaging debugging and still be sure that
you're in sync with what a fresh build will produce. Sorry if this
wasn't made clear in the first post.

Best regards,

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