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From: Adrian Reyer (are_at_lihas.de)
Date: Thu 30 Dec 2004 - 20:30:33 GMT

On Thu, Dec 30, 2004 at 02:14:28PM -0500, sergey ivanov wrote:
> Is it possible to start context 0 without connection to internet, and
> then start vserver to be a gateway? So that default route in context 0
> and all other will be to the alias of eth1, which gateway vserver is
> attached to, and in this vserver to set up dhcp connection on eth0 and
> route default to this connection?
> I do not understand, if routing should be done in context 0, so it
> should be delayed till dhcp connection be established, and rerouted each
> time IP is changed. Or it may be delegated to vserver?

To my understanding, context 0 can always access all interfaces and is
the context that sets up routing. So no, you can't prevent context 0
from having a gateway. And same time nothing will prevent you from
setting up the default routing via eth1. I the other machines have no
eth1 access, you need to alter their outgoing IP via SNAT.
Might ofc be wrong, but then someone will reply and I will get it
right myself, too ;)


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