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From: Lars E. D. Jensen (lars_at_dangvard.dk)
Date: Tue 04 Jan 2005 - 01:45:09 GMT

Hi list

I've installed 3 vservers on a dual xeon (2,8 ghz, 1mb cache) based server
with 1 GB ram, and 10000 spins scsi disks, currently the vservers/root server
are not under load. But they will be soon.

I have my doubts about only 1 GB ram in the root server.

I'm using Debian Sarge inside the vservers and it's all running on Debian
Woody (root server) patched with vserver 1.29 on top of kernel 2.4.28.

What really worries me is that when I'm just testing with ab (apache bench),
the response of the vservers is periodically very slow and I get a lot of
failed http requests. And the webpages sometime take 5-10 seconds to load.
Even with ssh it's sometimes slow, when I ssh to the root server everything
goes fast (sounds weird to say that ssh goes fast?!).

Here's a dump of ./vserver-stat, vsmon1 is a monitor for PHP applications on
vswwwe1. vsdbe1 is a mysql databaseserver used by vswwwe1.

0 65 384MB 7kB 16h39m58 12h28m21 16d03h06 root server
1002 53 1GB 36kB m12.12 m06.11 2h27m50 vsmon1
1003 52 1GB 144kB 1m26.78 1m51.37 2h27m38 vswwwe1
1004 22 756MB 40kB m12.85 m03.82 9h59m50 vsdbe1

All the vservers is started on eth0 and aliased each with their own public IP.

What could cause this slow behavior?

Is 1 GB ram enough for 3 vservers or should I put like 4-6 GB ?


Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Lars E. D. Jensen lars_at_dangvard.dk _______________________________________________ Vserver mailing list Vserver_at_list.linux-vserver.org http://list.linux-vserver.org/mailman/listinfo/vserver

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