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From: Oliver Welter (mail_at_oliwel.de)
Date: Tue 18 Jan 2005 - 18:10:01 GMT

Hi Lars,

> I'm running a qmail mail server inside a vserver and it works great using
> fakeinit so daemontools will work.
> I want to replicate the vserver, but since qmails queue is depending on the
> filesystem I guess the queue itself can't be replicated to another root
> server?
> Does anyone on this list have experience with replicating qmails queue inside
> a vserver?
> One way I think is the only way is to _not_ replicate the queue at all, and in
> case of failure rebuild the queue on the other server. And pull out stuck
> messages in the old queue manually.
> Or is it possible to maintain how the exact same file system look in a
> replicated vserver? Maybe by using xid tagging (quota)?
> I should say that I don't know very much of the file system inside a vserver
> yet :)

I am running qmail inside a vServer and use "drbd" to mirror the
harddisk. Together with heartbeat this is a real failover service :)

I am currently in the setup proceedure, so I cant really tell you if it
is working but first tests indicate this...


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