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From: Mike O'Connor (vserver_at_pineview.net)
Date: Tue 01 Feb 2005 - 05:55:11 GMT

Hi Herbert, All

>hmm, good to know, but I would like to get a feeling for
>the general interest in shared quota first, as for sure
>it's no easy patch to do and to test ...
>and it seemed to me, that the need for it faded because
>lvm2/evms and dm as well as the cheap disk space provided
>a more than adequate solution to avoid shared quota and
>and get away with shared disk limits ...
I would like to comment on this, my issue is not control of the size of
a virtual machine but the control and monitoring of limits with in a
context. LVM allocates a set amount of space meaning that I waste a huge
amount per vserver. (I have not used EVMS but I assume it has the same
basic ideas)

>so please let me know what you think about it now and
>looking at the next year ...
>(please check what appropriate, mupltiple choice)
> [X] Yes, I will require shared user/group quota
> inside a vserver (i.e. guest private quota
> for guests on a shared disk partition)
> [ ] I might use it, when it is available but I can
> live without it (e.g. using lvm/evms for that)
> [ ] I don't know what you are talking about and I'm
> pretty sure shared disk limits is all I need
> (i.e. limit the total amount of disk space for
> guests on a shared partition)
> [ ] I do use the quota patch on 2.4 for shared
> user/group quotas right now ...

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