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From: Jean Christophe (lavieenrose_at_mail.dk)
Date: Fri 11 Feb 2005 - 11:39:04 GMT

Herbert Poetzl a écrit :
>>If I try to run the vprocunhide script alone, I have these "mistakes"
>>line26: no such file or directory
>>line63: findFile: command not found
>>line91: no such file or directory
>>Is that possible for somebody to help me with this ?
I am not a develloper.
I am using Mandrake wich with vserver is not debian (can't build a fc1
or rh9 on my machine)
I have used a lot of times to try to make it work and I am volunteer to
use a lot of times again if you have some inputs
I saw a lot of your comments on google (IRC)
I am happy you wrote back
> hmm, maybe ...
> first, why do you use 2.6.x/1.9.x with a legacy config?
> (I mean, with a newly created legacy config)
Because it was the only way to "build". As much as I found out, with the
tar sources I have to use a method, and legacy was the only possibility.
I just can't make a "vserver primary build"
> second, if you _insist_ on using the legacy tools for
> your vservers, why don't you disable the proc security
> and/or configure it like you do on 2.4/1.2.x?
I do not insist as I wrote before, it is just a problem of choice, and I
didn't knew it was possible to configure it !, could you please tell me
where I have to look ?
> third, what is util-vserver-0.30-1nxd.i586 ?
from http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/util-vserver/, obviously made
by Enrico Scholz.
I foud it there:
> best,
> Herbert

Thank's for interest
Jean Christophe
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