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From: Paul S. Gumerman (psg_at_cooldog.com)
Date: Thu 17 Feb 2005 - 19:33:59 GMT

I'm at the point where I need some help.

The machine is a dual Opteron, with Fedora Core 3 installed. I've
downloaded a vanilla 2.6.11rc-3 kernel, and patched it with the latest
vs1.94-rc4 patch set, which applied and built cleanly. Then I built the
util-vserver packages from source, and installed them with rpm.

Since I want to try things first with a FC3 x86_64 virtual server, I
ended up using the "legacy" option to build vserver "vts64". I then
edited rc.sysinit to remove most everything. I also created a "test"
server with the "skeleton" build option, and used that info and info
from Google to create the newer config files for "vts64". I'm fairly
certain that all the config stuff is good.

But ...... when I try to start the vserver, I get this error message:

      vcontext: execvp("/etc/rc.d/rc"): No such file or directory

and the server fails to start. Of course, the file really IS there in
the vdir, and in the proper place.

I've searched high and low, and I cannot find anyone else having this
particular issue. Any ideas?

As an aside, I can't seem to get anywhere with building a vserver with
yum --- it just complains about missing a .pkg directory. when I use
the --pkgbase option, it seems to ignore it.


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