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From: Stephen Frost (sfrost_at_snowman.net)
Date: Thu 17 Feb 2005 - 20:45:31 GMT

* Lars E. D. Jensen (lars_at_dangvard.dk) wrote:
> Is the current debian maintainer actually maintaining the kernel-patch-ctx
> package at all?
> The current version in unstable is still 1.29.
> It seems like the vserver developement branch is misunderstood by the people
> who decides what comes into unstable. It's like they think that the vserver
> development branch is still in development (not finished) and therefore not
> working.
> Maybe we could somehow discuss this with these people (don't know how it works
> though).

You might read the mailing list for a month or so ago, basically there
is some misunderstanding, imv anyway, between the Debian maintainer and
the vserver upstream, and neither seems to want to take many steps to
correct it.

vserver upstream calls the 1.9 series 'development', yet it's the only
thing that works for 2.6, and seems to be what upstream and everyone
else recommends people to use.

The Debian maintainer was intentionally tracking the 'stable' releases,
since they're going into a distribution and will likely be released with
sarge. Unfortunately, the 'stable' releases are against 2.4 and the
number of people using 2.4 or the 'stable' vservers is probably
ridiculously small. What's even better is that the 'tools' for the
'stable' set havn't changed since July of last year.

vserver upstream appears to be most unwilling to release 1.9 as 'stable'
and the Debian maintainer doesn't want to break existing 1.2 installs
(if there actually are any..) or even package 1.9 until it's released as
'stable'. This puts the users in something of a bind- they're being
told by upstream and other users to run 1.9 because it's got lots of
fixes, improvments, features, and an actually maintained userspace tool
set; but the Debian maintainer won't update the packages in Debian to
what's being recommended.

Now, some nice folks built some 0.30.196, as I recall, Debian packages
and cleaned up the Debian packaging some, I even critiqued them some. I
don't think they made kernel-patch debs, but perhaps they were going to
or maybe they did and I didn't notice. I havn't seen those uploaded to
Debian yet, and I'm not sure what the hold-up is at this point. Nobody
who was working on it seems to want to comment either, perhaps a new
thread on that issue needs to be started...


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